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Orozco LJ, Tristan M, Vreugdenhil MM, Salazar A. Hysterectomy versus hysterectomy plus oophorectomy for premenopausal women. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2014 Jul 28;7:CD005638. Epub ahead of print

Is it possible to publish when you have no data on hand? The answer is – YES. Amos Pines

This search was aimed at comparing hysterectomy alone versus hysterectomy plus bilateral oophorectomy in women with benign gynecological conditions, with respect to rates of mortality or subsequent gynecological surgical interventions. Only one randomized, controlled trial comparing the benefits and risks of hysterectomy with or without oophorectomy was identified. The results of this pilot randomized, controlled trial have not been published and we have not been able to obtain the results. Therefore, no data could be included in this review.